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SKIY is young, she is fresh and she can't wait to show the world that SKIY is the limit. She first hit the scene with her productions in 2017. Ever since SKIY has evolved away from the poppy dance/house vibe to a more vibrant and pure sound asit simply felt right for her and it did reflect SKIY more as a person as well. Her currentoutput focuses on sounds, that are best described as a stylistic crossover between techy beats, subtle catchy house riffs and rugged basslines, most commonly associated with artists such as Fisher, Chris Lake or Solardo. Picking up on her newest track 'Who Got The Keys' is none other than Oliver Heldens, an artist known forhis open mindedness to many genres and facets of electronic music. SKIY’s early musical evolution has been affected by her mother being a jazz singer and herself playing piano from a young age. Her appearance is as close as it can get to the young and restless image of today’s house scene. As a fan of artists such as Solomun, she says she has learned that „musical apprehension can take place on many different levels“. With her roots lying in Brazil, Croatia and Germany and being a globetrotter for many years even at her very young age she gathered musical influences from all around the world. Having a broad perspective on the electronic music scene you will learn that her sophisticated view on music comes as no surprise.

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