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After dedicating the last decade of his life to mastering his sound and moulding it into something unique, the time has come to let the young talent smiie loose on the world. Surrounded by music from an early age - he started playing piano at the age of 4 - his love for the art of crafting songs as well as his understanding of the medium began to unfold. This seed of talent was planted in these early years and tended to throughout high school. Further development and diversity was achieved by playing keyboards in various bands in the Pop, Jazz & Soul genres, and by transferring these memories to his studio, he has become one of the most talked about young producers to graduate from the scholarship programme at the Institute Of Music in Osnabrück, Germany. Still only 23 years old, smiie has matured and his music shows a strong sense of identity - winding beautiful harmonies around experiential rhythmic ideas. The songs come from a deep place, and his background allows him to create a snapshot in time for his audience. Collaborations with artists such as Albeneir have borne real fruit with "Running Into You" being released via smiie music - smiie's own imprint, and a follow-up single from the two entitled "Goodbye" will be available soon. The soulful summer-infused "Bump" is the debut solo production from smiie and really showcases his ability to manipulate a soundscape. Energetic, yet laid back and reflective – smiie is a talent for the not too distant future.

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