White Chocolate

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White Chocolate is the newest brainchild of Creative Primates and SUSHI3000. Mixing Future & Bass House, Disco, Funk, Soul and provocative porn, sex and 70´s tv show samples, White Chocolate created his own unique sound, which goes by the modest name of boogie house. Hailing from Luxembourg, the experienced artist and DJ can speak five languages fluently (French, English, German, Italian and Luxembourgish) and has a doctors degree in love. His looks are a mixture of Austin Powers, Magnum P.I, Hank Moody and a 70’s porn star, making his image extremely entertaining, provocative and fresh. His flamboyant appearance is unmatched, always being one step ahead of the game and turning heads wherever he goes. When he was just six years old, Fabio p.k.a. White Chocolate was the first boy in his school to successfully sneak into an erotic cinema in Luxembourg and watch 8 minutes of the ever so popular Emanuelle movies, before being kicked out by the theater’s owner. Impressed by his exceptional taste (and an imposing mustachio for a six year old), the owner granted Fabio one wish, if he’d refrain from coming back. Fabio converted this wish into a computer, and after just a few years, he had mastered the skill of music production, perfected by the encounter of Lucio Battisti, constituting the biggest influence to Fabio. If it’s Battisti’s formative influence or the eminently nurture of Emanuelle, White Chocolate’s has made an entrance par excellence to the scene that will last. His first release ‚French Kiss‘ released via Tiësto’s Musical Freedom caused massive waves in the scene with support by Tiësto, Avicii, David Guetta and many, many more. Touring is about to catch up to speed with shows at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London among others were confirmed.

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