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Bakermat is one of the biggest rising stars of the last year. With his new sound he immediately captured the hearts of a wide audience. His breakthrough was his production called ‘One Day (Vandaag)’ that made it to the top of the charts all around Europe. With this track he opened doors for the 'Melodic House' genre to be played for a bigger audience. A lot of different deejays and producers started making music in this genre after that. The last two years Bakermat played at the most prestigious festivals around the world and hosted his own stage 'Bakermat and Friends' at a lot of huge festivals such as Tomorrowland. He also did a special 'Full Live Band' tour around Europe, where he played with 5 musicians (violin, vocal, piano, percussion, saxophone) on stage. This was a great success, since it's more about chemistry, live elements and spontaneous musical performance. He believes that crowds are looking for a broader and more special experiences in the future than just plain dj-sets. There is a huge demand for live music already at this moment. Combining live instruments with dance elements such as synthesizers is what makes Bakermat unique in his shows and productions. 2015 is going to be a big year for Bakermat too. His album 'Another Man' is going to be released, with which he will try to make a foundation for the genre he stands for. An album tour is already being planned and gigs on some of the biggest festivals are already confirmed.